Meet 5 highlighted exhibitions

In collaboration with partner organizations, the National Science and Technology Fair 2023 has arranged various exhibitions and activities through extensive collaboration from the organizations under the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation, government agencies, private sectors, associations, councils, museums and international organizations. The exhibitions and activities includes:

For all 5 main exhibitions on display

Presenting issues in science, technology, innovation, research that are currently in the interest of society. that are important and affect well-being to the development of the country in the future

Royal Pavilion,
Beauty and Me,
Deadly Traps,
Fascination of Film Making
Secret of Thai Flavors

And there are still many activities to join in the fun. Which this year has a very interesting detail. What will it be? Let’s go follow the content inside together.

The Main Exhibition
( The Royal Pavilion)

The exhibitions honor the scientific contributions and remarkable talents of Thai Kings and the Royal Families from the past to the present on science, technology and education for the people of Thailand.

The Beauty and Me Exhibition
(Beauty and Me)

Exploring the science underlying beauty and how it relates to careers in the STEM fields. Unveil the secret of rejuvenation and beauty innovation and technology at the cellular level.

The Deadly Traps Exhibition
(Deadly Traps)

Get to know the carnivorous plants. An eye-opening exploration of carnivorous plants that play a crucial role in our ecosystem. Cultivate your curiosity by asking questions and seeking answers, remarking the essential and miraculous nature of these plants, which effectively control insect populations in their surroundings.

The Fascination of Filmmaking Exhibition
(Fascination of Filmmaking)

Embark on a journey to the World of Filmmaking from the first short films to the global entertainment industry; Experience the development of technology and production process that mixes art and science and bring human imagination to life as if it was spell-cast

The Secrets of the Thai Flavors Exhibition
(Secret of Thai Flavors)

With a climate that is friendly to farming, a benevolent and abundant terrain and a multicultural society, Thai food is unique and alluring to many people across the globe.